Teaching Plan

Students develop an e-portfolio in this class and continue it in MUS 3853, Elementary General Music Methods, that I also teach. Each week’s assignments are posted on the  blog of each individual.

To see student work go to https://atumusic2014.wordpress.com/blogroll-2016/

Class Blog:  https://atumusic2014.wordpress.com      Students “follow” the blog and receive e-mail when I post a new assignment or announcement. I “follow’ each student’s blog and comment, on occasion.

Class 1 – Class overview, look at projects by previous students, WordPress

Class 2 – PowerPoint,  Google Slides,  Keynote,  &  Print Screen

Class 3 – Jazz Presentation * , Sight Reading Factory, Vocabulary quiz <>

Class 4 – TaskStream & Choose an App

Class 5 – Noteflight & Listening Maps

Class 6 – Recording Studio Tour – Begin Final Project, KWLS Chart <>

Class 7 – Photography* & Lesson 1 & Anytune

Class 8 – Chrome Music Lab* & Video Conferencing

Class 9 – Copyright, Four Corners <>,  Virtual Instruments*, Yamaha’s MIE, Work on Lessons

Class 10 – Microphones, Sound Reinforcement & Data Management

Class 11 – SmartMusic, AirTurn, forScore, Acapella, Notion

Class 12 – RiffStation, WIX, Work on Final Project, Practice Presentations <>

Final<>  – * Each student presents their projects components to the class using SMARTBoard technology.

* Student shares with class.     Underlined means mini iPad used.   <>Assessment

Apps:  New apps come out every week and I try to keep abreast of the ones with the best potential for young teachers. A few that I demonstrate are:

Acapella: Compose and/or record multi-track pieces

Anytune: Change tempo and/or change key of MP3 for practice

GarageBand: Composition, loops for improvising, background for songs

MetroTimer: Practice metronome

MicPro: Recording  app

Notion: Create notation, import MIDI files and translate to notation, compose on graphic of guitar neck

Photos: Using print screen students learn to crop images

Pages: Word processing, save as PDF or Word

RiffStation: From any youtube video the app detects harmonic construction (Chords) and displays them. Search feature for youtube.

SmartScore’s NoteReader: Reads/plays music notation from PDF

SmartSeat: Attendance, seating, photos, notes

SoundCloud: Storage of sound files on line

WordPress: Construction of blog posts for e-portfolio