Stage II Application

This semester we are moving the forms to a simpler digital format using Google Forms. There are separate forms for the student, for the content advisor, and for the education advisor. When you submit the content advisor form that you complete, you will receive a copy of your submission as an advisor via the email you enter on the form, and a digital copy will be sent to Elizabeth Beagle (our administrative specialist in the Office of Teacher Education Student Services). This information will then automatically populate a spreadsheet allowing a much quicker review of the application.


Students will still need to meet with you, and they should bring a transcript with them. While they are present with you, the Google Form can be completed in a matter of a few minutes. The amount of information requested has been reduced to limit redundancy. When you press the “submit” button, you have completed the process. The forms are located on the College of Education Teacher Education page. They are labeled “Stage II Approval by Secondary Content Advisor (to be completed by the secondary student’s content advisor)”. The password is: @@@@@@@@. 


P.S. I am attaching a link to the Teacher Education page so you can see the form and where it now resides. I am also including a copy of the directions provided to students concerning the Stage II Application process.


Dr. Tim Carter