Technology, to be effective in instruction of future teachers, needs to be transparent and functional. My students are fluent in utilizing their phones for communication. I believe the iPad Minis will further integrate the scholarly experience with the technology they crave. Students will be able to work on assignments in creating instructional projects, as well as listening to concerts from around the world, and more seamlessly initiate the creative process when the inspiration hits.

Using an iPad I will continue developing lessons on the class blog: https://atumusic2014.wordpress.com/.  I have an older iPad and have previously demonstrated and discussed a few apps by connecting the iPad via a VGA converter to the classroom projector, however, I have limited the scope of apps since the students have not had access to iPads.

The students utilizing iPad Minis will become comfortable with presenting, composing, performing, communicating, demonstrating musical elements, and preparing information on historical and current musicians and composers. They will also, use apps for teacher productivity. In the 26 semesters I have taught this class there have always been time/days between classes when the students are not engaged in the technology and communication that would continue the creative process or flow. I am sure for most of the students the possibility of having a device that facilitates creativity and practice will be almost a life changer.

Please see the comments by former students on the perceived advantages of having 1:1 iPads at the bottom of https://atubarber.wordpress.com/atu-ipad-initiative/