Almost every Praxis 2 (5113) exam asks about microphones and placement thereof.  Read this document from Shure about microphones, recording, and sound reinforcement.  Do this for yourself and for your future. Cardioid or condenser mic. If that is a foreign language then spend some quality time with this article.

Handling All That Data!

Band directors, choir directors, music educators have lots of names, equipment, phone numbers, etc. to keep up with on a regular basis.  A little work on the front end of the school year will make all things better for you.  ALL THINGS!

📝.  1.  Open Excel and create a new document.  Put the following titles as headers for the nine columns you will create.

Last.   First.   Chair.    Instrument.   Instrument Serial #.   Folder #.  Student phone.  Adult #1.  Adult phone.

Now, make up names and data for eight students.  Select All and practice sorting data.  Control Z undoes the last action, if you need it.

Sort according to Folder Number, take a screenshot for your post and list a few other items you might need to eventually include.  Write a paragraph about what a wonderful boon to humanity and band/choir directors this particular assignment will prove to be in your future chosen field. Gush.

NOTE: After you enter this data you can in the future Save As… for example, BUS ASSIGNMENTS and delete columns and add new ones to fit your needs without entering names, etc. again.

📝. 2.  What is WIX and why bother. WIX is a free webpage builder/storage site that lets you play MP3s.

You will create a WIX page for your final project with links to your, Unit page, rubric,PowerPoint, etc.  This type page is often called a portal.  It is a one-screen page with main links that are easy to find. To unify your WIX and WordPress pages use your main image (graphic + text) on your WIX page.  LINK to WIX page from today’s blog post.  Write a sentence telling the reader about where the link will go and what they will find there.

Make it only one screen deep. Add graphic(s) to make the page attractive.

May 1  we will play with SMARTBoard in Roswell. Room # ?