GarageBand.  Find a bass or drum beat you like.  8 measures and loop.

Add a track.  Record.  

Add a track.  Record. 

Add a track.  Record.

You can export to iMovie and put a picture with it.  I used two.

Exported to YouTube.  Embedded link in post. Voila! 🍾

Need help?  Look for tutorials.  



When you are writing and editing your three lessons for your final project be sure to consider Marzano’s strategies in order to make your lessons effective.
Arkansas Fine Arts Frameworks: Music Technology class for high school age students

ASSIGNMENT:  1.  Post your GarageWorks piece on a new post and describe the process.  What grades could do what you did? What AR Framework describes your process/ product?

2.  In TaskStream, add a MusicTech content standard and Student Learning Expectations (SLE) to each of your lessons. Write Instructional Activities for Lesson 3.