New post: Apps  for  Music Education 

1.  Video conferencing. Choose a format for video chatting. Choose one you have NOT used before.

                     Zoom or Skype or FaceTime or ooVoo or …

Chat with a friend from class for 5 – 10 minutes. 

Note the lag or delay time for audio and video.

Would it be possible to practice, jam, or compose together or give a lesson? 

Include a screenshot of your chat with a classmate.

Write/describe how this technology could fill a need of a public school music teacher.

Fun Link:   

Free MP3 every day and programs on cool pieces you might not know.

2.  Using your handout, find and recommend an app for each educational use. Use some screenshots to illustrate your favorite apps. You may choose more than one for any area of need.

Follow the link above.  Use your first name as Participant on the collaboration box. Choose an app or site by putting your name under Student. Put the date when you entered your choice.  If you choose you may add an app to the iCloud document.  Choose at least one from each of the FIVE categories.  

3.   Write lesson 2 of your final unit.