Part 1.  
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Part 1.

  1. Find a simple PDF of a tune you would like to teach.
  2. Print screen.  Edit image.
  3. Open your blog. New post: Noteflight
  4. Insert your screen print.
  5. Go to Noteflight. Create a login.  ____________  PW____________
  6. Make a one phrase example of your chosen piece.
  7. Save. Share. Insert the link into your post.
  8. Discuss in your post the advantages to your students of Noteflight over other known notation programs.

Part 2.

  1. Research listening maps.
  2. Find an example for elementary, middle school, and high school students.
  3. Take screenshots and write a sentence under each one with composer, title, and attractive/educational features.

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 Part 3.

Take an educational video of you or friends explaining a musical instrument or idea.

Example:  instruments of the brass family.   Vocal harmony.   Crescendo & decrescendo.  Etc.


Add a text title to the beginning.   

Add to your blog.  

     Way 1.  Upload to YouTube and embed the video.

     Way 2.  E-mail video to yourself ( or message) and insert media using desktop computer.

     Way 3.   Upload to Facebook and embed using the URL.