1. Share and show your jazz lesson.

2. Intro to all/some things iPad.

      .1.   Screen grab.    Home + Pwr.    Photo stored in  Photos.  

Touch HDR for best quality.

     .2  Your iPad camera. To get high definition tap screen over face or on which you wish to focus and balance light.

               Rule of thirds!    Attend to lighting.   Watch out for background and foreground (clutter or feature).

              With a partner go out into the library and take one serious and one silly photo of each other. Put the photos of you on your About page.

    3.   Video of iPad features. https://atu.sharestream.net/ssdcms/ipublic.do?u=537fcf1dd393416

           Watch to see how Keynote, Pages, and iMovie can be used. We will use Pages to create a ePub book and iMovie to create a recruiting trailer.
    4.  On your blog, take out all the place holders for text. On your About page put a sentence or two about yourself.

     5.   Student Learning Objectives:

             Must have an action verb.  LOOK AT TOP OF OUR PAGE FOR A LIST.

          HOW WOULD you rewrite THIS?    

             “The students will understand and be able to recognize the unique timbre of Stanley Clarke and his music.”

               The student will _______________________________________________________________.