Yippee! MUS 3702!   Learning with friends. Getting ready to make the world a better place. Listening to Dr. Barber go on and on about this and that.  Discovering a love for card stock. What more could a two hour course offer?  No. We cannot eat in the library, so don’t say, “homemade cookies.”

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Multitasking: A Human Delusion?
“People can’t multitask very well, and when people say they can, they’re deluding themselves,” said neuroscientist Earl Miller. And, he said, “The brain is very good at deluding itself.”
Miller, a Picower professor of neuroscience at MIT, says that for the most part, we simply can’t focus on more than one thing at a time.
What we can do, he said, is shift our focus from one thing to the next with astonishing speed.
“Switching from task to task, you think you’re paying attention to everything around you at the same time. But you’re actually not,” Miller said.
“You’re not paying attention to one or two things simultaneously, but switching between them very rapidly.”

SO!  Do not type when I am talking/teaching.  Eye contact is vital for me to gauge understanding.  No winking.
SYLLABUS –  Fall 2016
This class is PBL. What is that?
Class 1 – Your MusicTech Blog.  ? How is a blog different from a webpage?
Vocabulary: Blog     Post.                     Page          Theme            Header

URL             Upload           Download         Media       Blogroll         Links

Look at https://atubarber.wordpress.com


1. In class.  handout 1 –  create  a blog, etc.      Send link to me during class!

2. Go to TaskStream.com.  Sign up for an account. Pay.  You will use this during internship, so we are going to learn how to use it now.

3. You will need a folio or binder to keep the handouts I give to you.  Bring it to e-ve-ry class. Points off if you do not have it.

NEXT WEEK:  Bring your ATU iPad Mini.    MUST BE IN A CASE!

            Get the WordPress app before class.