Arkansas Frameworks 

Tonight you will create a PowerPoint for a general music class.

  1. Go through PowerPoint demonstration with Dr. Barber.

  1. Create new PowerPoint (PPT) presentation. File name should be short. 

Use white background with very dark, large text.

As you research your topic, copy and paste URLs to a slide to be called Resources.


3.  Create title slide in PowerPoint. Use large text & photo or graphic. Shadow on text.

  • 2nd slide should tell a little history behind the piece or performer or composer of the music. Watch to see how this is done.
  • Insert MP3 or YouTube video on slide three. Make it play through the rest Save AS… to a memory device, the desktop, or U drive.
  • Create six more slides.


4.  Last slide is the Resources slide, where you will paste the URLs for the pages where you get information, sound, or graphics. Also list on the resources page the complete title and composer for your piece of music.


5.  Open PowerPoint title slide.  Hit PrntScrn or on Mac (Command+Shift+4). 

      Windows:  Open Paint.  Control+V.  Select. Trim the image. Control+C. Open

       new. Do not save old. Paste. Save As… Title.png  

       Insert this image on your blog post.


6.   Upload the PPT to your blog (Insert Media) on WordPress, then insert it. Watch Dr. Barber.


7.   Write a paragraph to describe the PPT and entice the

          student to learn more from your project.


SHORTCUTS:                                     Control+A = Select all

Control+S = Save                              Control+C = Copy                                     Control+V = Paste

Control+P = Print                               Control+Z = Undo                                    Control+Y = Do again

PPT = 10 points      Post = 10 points         20 points


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.10.25 PMExamples of PowerPoints:      NightInTunisia Example of screen print:Night-Dizzy