Due to a rehearsal tonight, we will work on a hybrid-type lesson: independent or small group work and I grade it remotely.

Part 1. You will complete lessons 2 & 3 for your final unit.  I should be able to access them from your previous post, but just for funsies please put a link to Class 8’s post to your TaskStream unit.

Look at the blogroll from last semester, look at the posts that address their final units. Also look at your checklist to see what needs to be done. These things (PPT, etc.) should be included in one or both of these lessons.

What I will look for will be appropriate behavioral objectives, logical steps for your learning activities, students doing and not just listening.

Part 2.  Choose a format for video chatting.   Chat with a friend from class for 5 – 10 minutes.  Note the lag or delay time for audio and video. Would it be possible to practice, jam, or compose together or give a lesson?  Include a screenshot of your chat with a classmate. Avoid anonymous chat rooms. Yuck.

Write/describe how this technology could fill a need of a public school music teacher.

Zoom  or  Skype   or  FaceTime   or  ooVoo  or …

I will grade these after Thursday, 10 PM.  You are almost music education professionals. Your work ethic is very important to your success here and in the future.        Word.