Teleconferencing/Live Streaming: Teleconferencing is a great way to talk to other teachers and their students, home bound students, or musicians and composers. Choose from Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. to chat with a partner from class. Take a screenshot and post it.       Spread out.  On the GoogleDoc  rate your choice from zero to five stars and explain. Things to think about: Ease of connection, time delay, sound quality, picture quality, etc.     Noteflight young composers’ music played by professionals. Oct. 9, 2015   LIVE until 4:55 PM CDT 

Photography:  Rule of thirds in framing a shot.



Take a portrait and a full-body shot of a classmate.  Have him/her return the favor.  Add both of your photos to your blog and give credit to the photographer. 

Final Project

Be sure you have a link to your TaskStream Unit page on your blog.  

Work on the steps of your lessons. Be sure the students have activities and some autonomy in your lessons.