1. Music teacher apps:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/13ey73WQypfoVPNGpBY7gfebdTA0zq8ETkFptEQBoa50/edit?usp=docslist_api

Go to this page and add a few apps you actually would use as a teacher. Put your initials in parentheses after each app you add. (DrB). You may also add categories I might have missed.

2.  Teleconferencing/Live Streaming:

Teleconferencing is a great way to talk to other teachers and their students, home bound students, or musicians and composers. Choose from Skype, Zoom, iChat, etc. to chat with a partner from class. Spread out.  On the GoogleDoc  rate your choice from zero to five stars and explain. Things to think about: Ease of connection, time delay, sound quality, picture quality, etc.

http://livestream.com/accounts/10925314/events/4409664     Noteflight young composers’ music played by professionals. Oct. 9, 2015   LIVE until 4:55 PM CDT

3.  Final project:

Create a title slide in PowerPoint for your final unit.  Use a photo or graphic plus the title of the unit.  Take a screen shot and put it on your blog for today. In a paragraph under the image, give rationale for the unit, what will be taught in general terms in each of the three lessons, grades for which the unit would work.

“Jupiter” is an incredible piece from Gustav Holst’s suite The Planets. It shows great contrasts between the three sections. The students will identify the three sections and the transitions that connect them. We will investigate timbre and tempo and how they affect our perceptions of the composer’s purpose. The class will also create artwork that clearly reflects the three sections. This unit will be appropriate for grades 5-8.