Put this checklist in your notebook. Check each item as you complete it.  Choose a buddy and check each other’s work to be sure links work, grammar is up to the highest standards, and content is complete. No whining.

Final presentations will be May 4, 7:00 PM in Rothwell.  Dress in interview attire.

SmartSeat is the attendance app I use.  Photos are easily taken by classmembers. Good for large ensembles.

Quick Key uses your phone to scan student responses.  Blank bubble sheets are online for you to grab & print. Scores are instantly uploaded.






Presentation for SAI – https://www.dropbox.com/s/syn0pnedw8bkff7/BarberSAIProvinceDay.pdf?dl=0

                        Made with Explain Everything app, exported as a PDF to DropBox

Arkansas State Fine Arts Frameworks. –  http://www.arkansased.gov


This guy’s joint junior recital is at 7:30. Yay Garreth & Abigail!