1.  Create a post for tonight’s class. Name it WIX and Excel

2. WIX is a free website construction/hosting site.  Some universities use WIX for their students to develop a four-year e-portfolio.

An advantage of WIX over WordPress free blogs is that you can insert MP3s. So, it is nice to know how to use both.


Create a WIX site for your final project.  Describe your project.  Add one or more MP3s. Take a screen picture of your WIX page. Insert it in your blog. Link to and from your WordPress blog.      10 POINTS

3.  Open Excel (part of the Microsoft Office Suite).  This is a database program.  You can create rows and columns to help you keep track of students, inventory, music, phone numbers, etc.

Create a Header row with these fields:  Last, First, Instrument, Folder, BusNo., Buddy, Cell, Parent 1, Cell, Parent 2, Cell

Now create five students in the first and second columns and add fictitious info for them.  Watch Dr. Barber for info on this and how to sort.  Sorting allows you to put folder numbers in order, etc.  Also, you can SaveAs  and add/delete fields for money paid or ensemble info, etc.

Select all.  (Control A or the little square in upper left). Add lines between each field. You can also change font size, add color, etc.

Copy this form  (Control + C) – watch Dr. B.

Open Word.  Type Inventory 2015.  Enter/return.  Control + V to paste the Excel data.

This method allows you to edit the text after it is in Word. If you use the PrintScreen method, it saves the image as a PNG. You cannot edit the info this way.

Watch Dr. Barber on how to edit margins in Word, a handy thing when you want to have just one page or add spaces.  Insert this on your blog post for tonight.