SmartMusic –    beginning instrumentalists, solos, sightreading, etc.

SoundTrap – online recording with loops and etc. –    (use Chrome for browser)

ScoreCloud – notates from sound

NoteReader – scans and plays notes

ForScore – keeps your PDFs, organize in playlists, flashing metronome for recording,

MusicNotes – buy and download arrangements for a variety of solos and ensembles

Scanner Pro – scan notation or text with phone or pad

QuickKey – Create multiple choice tests, print bubble sheet, scan with phone, score is uploaded to the class you created

YouTube – Vimeo- store your videos online, share or keep private

SplashTop – show computer on pad and operate remotely

Video chat – Zoom – Skype

Create QR codes – for open house, trip information, etc.



Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.44.55 PM

The Music Educators Toolbox is a collection of free, open-source learning resources and assessment tools created for classroom use by music teachers and Carnegie Hall teaching artists. Developed after an in-depth, five-year partnership between Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute and PS/MS 161 in upper Manhattan, the resources are designed to be adaptable for use in a variety of music classroom settings.

The Toolbox currently features grade-specific music education resources addressing fundamentals of Rhythm and Meter, Form and Design, Expressive Qualities, Pitch, and Performing.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.51.47 PM

Lesson Plan Database

Free access to interactive lesson plans that enhance the DSO Youth Concert experience.

Other Resources

Valuable resources that can help any teacher make music a meaningful and integrated part of the classroom.

From NPR:    You’re a sixth-grader in New York City. Your principal gives you a choice: Get free tickets to a Columbia University football game, or participate in a music video in which your assistant principal is the lead singer.

The 66 fifth- and sixth-graders who chose to sing, dance and act are glad they did: The video, featuring the song “Bored of Education,” amassed more than 15,000 views in the first weeks it was posted. Here it is:

MUS 3853  – Assignment due on December 1st.

1.  During the break go to   Complete the course and print your certificate. Put in your binder or in back cover and show to me on Dec. 1.

This training includes:

  1. A pre-training assessment (13 multiple-choice questions)
  2. 60-90 minutes of self-paced interactive training
  3. A post-training assessment (13 multiple-choice questions)
  4. A Certificate of Completion

2.  If you have completed teaching your lesson, copy the questions below onto your blog and answer completely. Give details.  Insert photo(s) if you have one or more. Also include a brief outline of your lesson. A bullet list will be fine. Include lyrics and/or video of any songs you sang.

1.  What do you think was the favorite part of your lesson for the class?

2.  What is one thing you would do differently if you taught the lesson again?

3.  Go to

Take the practice quiz and be ready to discuss it.

Look at the list of topics and choose a few that would be appropriate for discussion in the final days of our course.

VIDEO of guitar measures!