Applications for Education
The Android and iPad versions of RWT Timeline support multiple user profiles making it a great choice for classrooms that have more students than tablets. The web version of RWT Timeline also supports multiple users.  LINK TO VIDEO

The aspect of RWT Timeline that I appreciate the most is the flexibility of date formats. In fact, if you look at the following screenshot of my sample timeline you’ll see that I didn’t use specific dates at all. The use of RWT Timeline doesn’t have to be limited to history courses. Students could use RWT Timeline to create timelines of the plot of a story they’ve read. Or they could use it to plan the plot line of a story they’re planning to write.

Seven HALLOWEEN Songs for Guitarists – from GuitarEduNet

ELEM ASSIGNMENTDue Monday, October 27  Précis  of Dalcroze article by Sheehan-Campbell, 43-50.   PrecisAssignment1

DUE October 29:   Observation document  Observation-ElementaryMusic  

Kelci & Tim – Center Valley   with Cassie Whitworth

Lauren & Jessica – Dover     with Sherri Stahl

Caitlin & Brandon – Oakland Heights   with Sharon Bell

In class on October 22:   HweenWorksheet   and Listening Lessons