Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.46.40 PM       Grusha!

Elementary: 3-2-1 Bellringer, Curwen Handsigns, The Kodály Approach & followers, OAKE,  “Here We Sit”   song and game,   “Grusha”  song and metallophone parts.

Assignment (Revised): Choose a song (elementary grades 1 or 2) to prepare for teaching the class that adheres to the Kodály approach. Practice it with solfege/hand signs. If it is a singing game all the better! Remember, he said it should be fun!  Read other Kodály  articles in The Eclectic Curriculum and/or online.

Teach your song/activity on Wednesday, Sept. 10! Put it on your blog. Screenshot of lyrics and/or notation.   Three songs from class.   Songs-Kodaly.doc

“Tideo”  song/activity with m-r-d   Scan answers with cellphone.

ASSIGNMENT for Monday Sept. 15. Bring one or two children’s picture books. You will develop a series of lessons using this book as inspiration.

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MusicTech: PowerPoint & Print Screen – on BlackBoard

BONUS:   padlet     Double click on the board and list your devices from smallest to biggest.  Be specific. This will help me plan for instruction.

Earl Klugh is one of my favorite jazz guitarists. His smooth fluent style and understated musicianship always rewards the listener.

Earl Klugh PowerPoint

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