First up today: Roundtable Review

Song-leading 101
Good posture.
Tell the group a little about the song and why you like it.
Give a dang pitch OR sing first phrase. Take a breath!
Show tempo by swaying, patting,  or snapping, etc.
Hand on your chest for you to sing alone. Point to group when they sing.
Methods for Teaching a Song by Rote:
Echo. I sing a phrase and they then sing it.
Motions first. Teach motions to song as they learn to sing it.



The Eclectic Curriculum…  READ “Folk Song in Pedagogy” by Zoltán Kodály  75-77, Take notes. Relate to what you already know and think about music education. What would you like to ask Zoltán Kodály about his approach? We will discuss on Friday.

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