Some of us fondly remember our childhood and singing in groups as members of a scout troop, youth choir, 4-H club, etc.  Well it turns out that singing in groups IS GOOD FOR US!

“Studies have found that group singing releases oxytocin, a chemical that manages anxiety and stress and, according to McGill University professor Daniel Levitin, enhances feelings of trust and bonding.”

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The article’s author Stacy Horn believes the answer might lie in the addition of harmony.  Studies are ongoing.

So, here we go!  Let us sit around the campfire. …

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And games!


Based on the observation that the tune for the Alphabet song, for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and for Baa Baa Black Sheep is the same…

Players sit in a circle. The first player starts singing any one of the three songs. When the player stops, the next player must continue the same tune with different lyrics. So, if the first player sings “ABCDEFGH” the next player continues “sir, yes sir, three bags” and the next “star. Up above the sky so…” etc.

Bottle O’Pop

1 Bottle o’pop, 2 Bottle o’pop, 3 Bottle o’pop, 4 Bottle o’pop
5 Bottle o’pop, 6 Bottle o’pop, 7 7 bottle pop

Don’t put your muck in my dustbin, my dustbin, my dustbin
Don’t put your muck in my dustbin. My dustbin’s full.

Fish and chips and vinegar, vinegar, vinegar
Fish and chips and vinegar
Pepper, pepper, pepper, salt.

Warsaw the 42nd

Part 1 (Ostinato)  Zoom(d), zoom, zoom, zoom, Zoom(sol), zoom, zoom(d) zoom zoom.

Part 2. Warsaw the 42nd, Warsaw going to war.

Warsaw the 42nd, Marching through the brambles raw.

Zoom of them have boots and stockings, Zoom of them have nay to wear.

Zoom of them have boots and stockings marching through the brambles raw.

Variation    Same ostinato.  Add parts and increase dynamics until the regiment is in town. Then fade away.

Part 2,   Oh, re, oh, re, oh, re, oh re, oh re.    (mi, sol, mi, sol, mi, sol, sol, sol, sol, mi)

Part 3.  Ree, etc.

Lisa Fischer from  Twenty Feet from Stardom, an Academy award-winning documentary about backup singers in the American music industry. On the sound track she does and a cappella version of “Sure on the Shining Night” by Samuel Barber. Dang!