Arts Propel & CMP (connections) –  Darla

Common CoreMichael & Nathan

Comprehensive MusicianshipAlex

Dalcroze  – Jasmine

Kodály   Allison & Shaina

Lowell Mason   – Carling

Music Learning Theory – Ed Gordon – Nicholas

Orff – James & TJ

Suzuki – Kristin & Tarah

TESS – Brandon & Melisa

Copyright  for Music Teachers   *         Ethan & Joshua

NEW:  Be sure to go to BlackBoard and complete the Assessment, under Content,  before midnight April 24th.


This pretest tells us we have a ways to go before we understand these five music educators and their approaches to instructional strategies. Average score was 48%.  Don’t we love challenges!


The gradesheets are scanned with the free app QuickKey and automatically uploaded to their website where you created the quiz.  Individual scores are recorded and statistics show responses for each question.

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“The ADE recommends dropping the Praxis™ Music: Content and Instruction (5114) and adopting the Praxis™ Music: Content Knowledge (5113) with a cut score of 157 effective immediately. Candidates may continue to take the current Praxis™ Music: Content and Instruction (5114) with a cut score of 162 until December 31, 2014.”


DUE April 14.   Choose topic.   Tell us why this topic is relevant to music educators. You will be the authority in our classroom on your topic. Be prepared for questions. RESEARCH. Embrace your topic.  All spelling, grammar, and punctuation should be accurate.

Post to your blog information, links, videos, interviews, photos, etc.   Be sure it is on both team member’s blog.

Example activity.    Example assessment.    Who/where is this idea/method centered and practiced.

Your work will be graded on quality of research, relevance to the topic, supporting media to demonstrate your topic.

Turn in an OUTLINE of your topic/information/presentation on April 14. No excuses. At all. Period. Do is as soon as possible so last minute life events will not interfere with your work.

Comprehensive Musicianship (CMP)   *     ArtsPROPEL    *    Orff       *      Kodály       *      Suzuki                                                             *   Dalcroze    *   Lowell Mason    *     MMCP      *        Music Learning Theory     *      Copyright  for Music Teachers   *     How does/will Common Core  impact music education in Arkansas?        *         TESS   


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