Our university has seen fit to send us out into the wide world for a week to experience the joy of spring.  What better way to immortalize the beauty of spring and the philosophical musings of budding scholars than to write a song?  (A song has words.)

You will hand me a printed copy of your original composition in class on Monday, March 31st.  This is not an arrangement. Brand new!

You may compose your piece on Noteflight, MuseScore, Notion (iPad), Sibelius, Finale, or NotateMe (iPad). It should have at least two verses and a chorus, or three verses. An intro is nice and an outro can also be nice. An interesting title is a must.

SINGING post: You will post your song and tell about your inspiration before class on Monday, March 31st. Be prepared to lead the class in singing your song or you can sing it for us.

You may record yourself playing/singing your piece and post it to your blog if you do not want to play it for the class live.  You may also recruit friends to sing and/or play with you in the recording or in class.

http://musescore.com/user/167026/scores/170846   “Fly Your Kite” – short song for guitar class.

http://musescore.com/preludeandfugue/scores/167185   Song with lyrics at top of page.

GENEROUS, yet selfish, addendum: You may write an original guitar quartet, but it must be playable by guitarists. Should be at least 32 measures.

PLAYING GUITAR:  Improvising http://atuguitar.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/the-twelve-bar-blues/

Minor Waltz video from 2013