The student will ___________________

Examples of Behavioral Objectives…

The student will create a scarf dance to show tempo, dynamics, and form of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by E. Grieg.


Students in three groups created unique movement activities using scarves.

The student will diagram the form of “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.    Page with examples.

After learning “Frere Jacques” and hearing the opening of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, III, The Funeral March, the student will compare the harmony used in the original and the modifications made by Mahler.

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The student will sing “Ghost of John” with Mahler’s Funeral March.
Ghost of John arr. by D L Barber on

Current events:  Kiev, Ukraine,  Crimea,   Yanukovych,     Sochi Olympics,  Sochi Paralympics,


Mussorgsky’s “Great Gate of Kiev” from Pictures at an Exhibition.


ASSIGNMENT::  Your LISTENING activity with Behavioral Objective is due for class on Monday.  Be sure your music is also on your blog so we can all enjoy your activity.